16 Most Beautiful Beaches in Sabang, Aceh

16 of the Most Popular Beach Tours in Sabang, Aceh, Indonesia.

1. Iboih Beach

Iboih Beach is located on Weh Island, Sabang City, Aceh Province. This beach has always been the main target visited by domestic and foreign tourists. The beach which is famous for its stunning scenery was originally named "Teupin Layeu".

iboih beach, sabang, aceh

Many people fall in love with this beach because the white sand and the water are very clear. Even with your naked eyes you can see the beauty of the underwater which is very stunning on this beach.

2. Kasih Beach

Kasih Beach is a beach located on Jl. Sultan Hasanuddin No.10, Kuta Ateueh, Sukakarya, Kuta Ateueh, Sukakarya, Kota Sabang, Aceh 23511.

kasih beach, sabang, aceh

Kasih Beach has the advantage of white sand and smooth textures like those found there. Unlike today's beaches that are mostly so contaminated and dirty, you will find the difference between this beach and other beaches. Kasih Beach is so clean and it seems that the edges of the beach are very neatly arranged and covered with cement. In addition, this fine sandy beach will certainly be safe for children to play sand or run around with friends or family, even adults can sleep on the sand comfortably.

3. Tapak Gajah Beach

Tapak Gajah Beach is a beach located in the village of Ie Meulee or Tapak Gajah village which is still part of Sukajaya District. Precisely on Pulau Weh, an island with beautiful panoramas in western Indonesia. Approximately about 1.5 km or takes five minutes from Sabang City.

tapak gajah beach, sabang, aceh

The character of Tapak Gajah Beach is the same as other beaches on Weh Island, which is white sand with a soft texture. Many activities can be done on this beach ranging from snorkeling, photography to sightseeing.

4. Anoi Itam Beach

Anoi Itam Beach, 13 km from Sabang City, is the only black sand beach on the island. Anoi Itam itself does mean 'black sand'. The exotic beauty of this beach has led him to reach the title of one of the most beautiful beaches in the archipelago, Garuda Indonesia magazine version. The blue sea and the breeze of the beach that hit our bodies brings peace.

anoi itam beach, sabang, aceh

To be able to enjoy the beauty of this beach, we can explore by motorbike from the City of Sabang, along the eastern path, across the Sumur Tiga Beach.

5. Ujung Kareung Beach

Ujung Kareung Beach is located in Ujung Kareung Village, Sukajaya District, Sabang City, Aceh. It is only about seven kilometers from the center of Sabang. In this place, visitors are spoiled for the beauty of the beach.

ujung kareung beach, sabang, aceh

The composition of the rocks, makes this place unique. The blue sea water makes visitors not want to leave from this location. In fact, visitors can see the white sand of sea and tame fish in a depth of five to six meters on the sea floor.

In addition, there, visitors can test adrenaline jumping from the top of the reef to the sea with a distance of about 10 meters.

6. Gapang Beach

Gapang Beach is one of the special tourist destinations presented by Pulau Weh. This beach is named Gapang because of the many trees that stand towering right around the edge of this clean beach, the tree is a gapang tree.

gapang beach, sabang, aceh

The scenery is truly soothing when you see the beauty of Gapang Beach, this is the greatest inspiration for those of you who like photography.

7. Teupin Layeu Beach

Teupin Layeu is one of the beaches that is quite crowded with tourists both local and outside tourists, Teupin Layeu Beach. This beach is located in Iboih which is one of the tourist sites that is quite well known on Sabang Island. For some people the mention of Teupin Layeu Beach is less popular and people prefer to call Iboih Beach and I myself belong to this category.

teupin layeu beach, sabang, aceh

Facilities and access, this beach includes enough beaches with a variety of facilities needed. Public toilets, shops, kiosks, stalls and various hotels and bungalows are available here. This beach is one of the favorite beaches of visitors, so it is not difficult if holidays to find a parking lot are really difficult here because of the large number of visitors that come.

8. Pasir Putih Beach

The natural beauty of Sabang, especially the beach is not inferior to Bali. There is also a white sand beach.

pasir putih beach, sabang, aceh

Traveling to Weh and Sabang Island is certainly not pleasant if you haven't visited White Sand Beach. The sky is bright, the water is green, making the beach very fun for traveling.

9. Paneuh Beach

Peneuh Beach is one of the most beautiful homes located in Iboih, Sukakarya, Sabang City, Aceh 24411, Indonesia.

paneuh beach, sabang, aceh

This beach is more crowded with tourists who want to camp. If you like camping, it's a shame if you don't stop by the beach.

10. Jaboi Beach

Jaboi Beach is one of the natural tourist destinations located in Gampong Keuneukai Village and part of Sukajaya District. This beach offers more than just an amazing sea view, but also attracts tourists because of local hot springs.

jaboi beach, sabang, aceh

So, after exploring the beach for a panorama, visitors can relax in public baths and fill their stamina there. The good thing is that hot springs are suitable for everyone regardless of age, including children.

11. Arun Sabang Beach

Arun Sabang Beach, Located on Anoe Itam, Sukajaya, Sabang City, Aceh.

arun sabang beach, aceh

12. Batee Dua Beach

Batee Dua Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches located in Anoe Itam, Sukajaya, Sabang City, Aceh.

batee dua beach, sabang, aceh

It's a shame if you do not take the time to stop there to enjoy the beauty of a charming beach.

13. Mata Ie sabang Beach

Mata Ie Beach is a beach located in Anoe Itam, Sukajaya, Anoe Itam, Sukajaya, Sabang City, Aceh.

mata ie beach, sabang, aceh

At a glance, Mata Ie is the name of a village in Sabang. Mata Ie comes from the Acehnese language which means spring water. Unlike Mata Ie Aceh Besar village whose source of water originates from the mountains, this spring source of Mata Ie Sabang village originates from large coral reefs on the coast of the ocean.

It is amazing to see saltwater from the coast and fresh water from springs side by side with each other at a distance that is only a few steps apart.

14. Keramat Pandan Beach

Keramat Pandan Beach, Located in ateuh, sukakarya, Sabang, Aceh.

keramat pandan beach, sabang, aceh

15. Sumur Tiga Beach

Sumur Tiga is a beautiful beach tourist attraction located in the village of Ie Meulee, Pulau Weh. This white sandy beach is also known for its enchanting natural scenery, and is ready to spoil your eyes when looking at it. So it's not surprising if many tourists from local and foreign countries visit there.

sumur tiga beach sabang, aceh

Sumur Tiga has different characteristics from Iboih Beach or Gapang Beach. Sand on Sumur Beach Three shiny whites like crystal and soft even though the water is a little choppy. Panorama of the beach stretches the blue sea combined with a gentle breeze that moves the palm on the beach.

Sumur Tiga can be said as a paradise for those of you who like to do diving, snorkeling and windsurfing.

16. Paradiso Beach

Paradiso Beach on Weh Island, Sabang, Aceh, presents calm and peace. Peace is maintained because Sabang City is only inhabited by around 35,000 people. The area of ​​Weh Island is 156 km square. So many beautiful beaches in Sabang that tourists are free to choose the preferred location.

paradiso beach, sabang, aceh

Paradiso Beach is located in the middle of Sabang City or about 6 km from Sabang Free Port. Because it is in the middle of the city, this beach is easily accessible on foot from a number of inns on Jalan Teuku Umar, Sabang City.

There are some photos above that we take from sites on the Internet, all of which aim so that we can provide accurate information.

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